Buy Aircraft Fuel in Finleyville

In addition to hangar storage , Finleyville Airport also offers some of the most reasonably priced aircraft fuel (AVGAS) in the area at our self-serve fuel station. We provide high quality aircraft fuel at lower prices than any of the surrounding airports. We believe that reasonable fuel prices encourage aviation which is the core of our mission at Finleyville Airport. Our fuel station is public and open to non-members of the airport and features a credit card reader for your ease of use. We also monitor our fuel quantity weekly to make sure that you don’t have a BIG surprise if you stop by to fuel up during your journey, and the fuel tanks are empty. We trend seasonal fuel usage to anticipate user demand, and always have fresh shipments on order when stock is low.

We supply the aircraft fuel listed below:

  • 100LL Reciprocating Engine (AVGAS)

If you have any questions or comments regarding our aircraft fuel station or would just like to know more about the airport, please call us at 724-348-7202 or Contact Us online any time.