Finleyville Airport Information and History

The Finleyville Airport was opened for business by Stanley Siggins, a well-known Pittsburgh aviation enthusiast, in June of 1947. Upon his passing in 1989, the airport was purchased at auction by the current management for $275,000.

Since 1990, we’ve been constantly working to maintain and improve the Finleyville Airport. We’ve upgraded existing facilities, added an aircraft fuel station, added more buildings, and improved the services that we can provide.

We are pleased to announce that an instrument approach procedure is in place, the RNAV (GPS)-A.

Our Mission

It is the mission of Finleyville Airport, Inc. to own, operate, and maintain a public-use, general aviation airport that will allow our shareholder members to enjoy the shared use of safe, modern, aviation-related ground facilities at the lowest practical cost.

Any profits realized will be re-invested into expanding, enhancing, maintaining, or replacing the grounds, structures, equipment, and other facilities of the airport, or to reducing the costs to the hangar-owner shareholders of enjoying such facilities.

Become a Finleyville Airport Member / Shareholder

Although officially a corporation, the Airport functions more along the lines of a cooperative. We are all just folks who enjoy flying airplanes.

Unfortunately, those airplanes require a rather substantial amount of ground-based facilities. None of us are able to afford all of these facilities on our own, but, by pooling our resources, we are all able enjoy the use of these facilities shared with the other members.

Our corporation is run by a Board of Directors who are elected at the annual shareholders meeting. All of the officers of our corporation serve as unpaid volunteers. This unique ownership arrangement gives Finleyville hangar owners a more direct voice in the operation of the airport compared to most airports, which are controlled by a bureaucratic government agency.

A Finleyville Airport membership is one of the most rewarding things a Pittsburgh aviation enthusiast can own. Call us today at 724-348-7202 or Contact Us online for more information! Owner shares are still available!  Hangars are also available for sale or rent.